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Transform your fitness in a focused, personal trainer gym in the heart of Galleria/Uptown park where you safely push your limits under expert guidance and reach your highest potential. Personalized service includes training, classes, showers, lockers, secure covered parking and coffee.

Certified Trainers

Our experienced Personal Trainers are here to help you meet your fitness goals.
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Uptown Fitness Personal Trainers keep you motivated and encouraged to bring out your inner strength!


At Uptown Fitness, we believe in an integrated approach to training. Focus on improvement and consistency will keep you healthy while having fun.

Client Transformations

"Uptown Fitness has helped me achieve my goal of shedding lifelong belly weight and keeping it off while realizing athleticism & youth again. Training with Mario for the last two years has helped me learn to run half marathons strong, improve form, build strength, stamina and balance. The mental sharpness and confidence from being healthy and vibrant again make life for my family & me so much sweeter every day. I’m now a proud role model for my kids and hope to be an example of sustained lifelong health. My next goal is to run the Houston Marathon in January and personal training will help me keep strength while logging miles! Eventually I hope to even run Boston!"
Steven Romero
Age: 37

Our Classes

Prefer a more social way to get leaner? Enjoy our exclusive small group Bootcamp led by our high-energy personal trainers targeting strength, endurance, cardiovascular, and core training in every class!
Improve stretching and core strength with our Yoga Instructor certified in Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga ready to challenge your mind, body & spirit!

Corporate Wellness

Contact us today for a Consultation to maintain your Associates’ Fitness through a personal training program developed specifically for your Company’s needs.

  • Reduce Absenteeism & Insurance Premiums

  • Enhance Career Performance ...

    Through Nutritional Education, Personal Training, Spin & UF Team Training.

  • Reduced Rates

    Cost effective rates with corporate memberships

Special Pricing for corporate memberships!

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Nutrition Counseling

Investing your sweat equity in our exclusive training will inspire you to take your diet to a new level. Harness the recovery power of clean eating by following our new meal plans personalized by our resident dietitian. Whether you’re in need of a total dietary make-over, manage a medical condition, or super-charge your recovery and gains, our simple, healthy recipes will make the difference in reaching your fitness potential.

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Located less than 3 miles away for nearly 2 Million Houstonians in the heart of the Uptown/Galleria, we are your neighborhood gym for lunch or before/after work & school. Contact us today and drop in for your free consultation.

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